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About Us

Motion Recruiters has been in the recruitment business for over 10 years. Our goal is simple, we don’t aim to follow standards, we aim to set them and constantly redefine them. Our dedicated team have been helping Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States, achieve and maintain their staffing requirements, since 2004.

Based in the city of Boca Raton in Florida, our business rapidly expanded to not only our services to local businesses but to also focus on national companies. We can help you with whatever you recruitment requirements are. From temporary, to temp-to-hire and direct hire personnel, we have helped 100’s of companies and we can help you today.

Staffing solutions provided by Motion Recruiting are different from other recruiters because our solutions are tailored to meet each client’s unique set of requirements.
A female-owned Business Enterprise, we have the objective of not only providing staffing resource for businesses, but also assisting skilled and dependable individuals in contributing to an evolving workplace.


Area Specialties

Over A Decade of Expert Staffing Solutions
Since 2004, Motion Recruiters has been the staffing provider of choice for Fortune 500 companies and local businesses across the United States. With an award-winning reputation for client satisfaction, Motion Recruiters offers a wide range of staffing solutions including temporary personnel, temp-to-hire and direct hire. We help our clients limit exposure to liabilities and reduce administrative overhead.

Why Partner with Motion Recruiters?

Motion Recruiters extends an open invitation to staffing companies to partner with us. Our ultimate aim is to help the client achieve their goals and strive to have a reputation, image and brand that is top in our field. Our clients have not only stayed with us for years but also In business since 2004, and a leader in the staffing industry. Motion Recruiters has developed contracts with Fortune 500 companies across the nation including major banking institutions, government, hospitals, universities and large non-profits. Save time, effort and money by eliminating the need to solicit these national contracts.

Employers (Staffing Types)

We understand that every company has its own set of requirements when it comes to employment. What works for one company does not necessarily work for another. Businesses across the country have very different brand images and a different understanding of service. It is vital for your business that you select candidates that have the same understanding, approach and work ethic as you.

We work closely with you to determine the best employees to meet and exceed your expectations while adhering to your company’s specifications. We understand that this process takes time and we promise efficiency and round the clock service. Whether you need to reduce labor costs or require a sudden demand for staff in peak time, we are here for you.

Temporary Personal

Here at Motion Recruiters staffing services, we provide the qualified personnel that you need on a temporary basis, for four hours, a day, a week, or indefinitely.
Working with Motion Recruiters temporary personnel reduces your administrative overhead, and reduces stress in that department by decreasing the demands placed on an already busy HR department.

We cover the burden of payroll taxes, including federal, state and local taxes, unemployment taxes and other insurance liabilities such as workers compensation insurance, benefits, time-sheets, scheduling, etc. This process take a long time and with a high staff turnover, it’s always more productive to outsource this task and allow your HR department to focus on more meaningful, helpful tasks in their department such as incentives to creating a happy workforce.

If a company is unhappy with a temporary employee, we have alternative candidates readily available. Our large database of candidates is due to our rapidly expanding online presence and trusted brand name and image in the field of recruitment.

There are many reasons why you might need temporary employees and we understand and have experience dealing with all these reasons. Sometimes companies use temporary employees for unexpected increases in business, to fill a temporary vacancy, illness or maternity leave of a regular employee, special projects, seasonal needs, or simply assisting in peak times.

Increase Flexibility

Did you know what the average company’s labor costs represent more than 70% of the operational budget? As staffing needs shift up or down, holding associates on the bench is simply not a reasonable or financially viable option. Companies can use temporary staffing to accommodate these swings by scaling in and out of projects more freely than if the staff were employed directly by the company and on a permanent basis.

We can work with the various departments of your company to not only manage your changing recruitment needs but also to help you predict your recruitment needs and identify when and where these increases or decreases might take place. This will allow your workforce to spend more time planning a successful and profit-breaking financial year.


Sometimes you can’t always be sure if someone is up to the job and it may be necessary to give a trial period first. This is becoming more and more common and we are experts are explanation this to candidate while at the same time remaining within the framework of the law. Hiring a temporary staffing associate is a great way to try out a potential new employee before extending them a contract. During a probationary period, the temporary employee’s performance can be evaluated and a decision can be made on whether he or she should continue as a staffing associate, be hired full-time, be replaced or terminated.

Temp-to-hire candidates can be engaged quickly and easily through Motion Recruiters. We assume all statutory employer responsibilities such as background screening, on-boarding and payroll processing during the workers assignment – enabling you to focus on your core business needs.

If a company finds that the candidate is not a good fit, they can disengage with the candidate at any time without having the obligation to hire them.
Motion Recruiters will handle the discontinuance with the candidate directly. This is yet another benefit which makes us stand out from our competitors. This process can often be an emotionally taxing experience. With our clients, we understand that this is a process that must companies don’t want to deal with or may not have expertise in. So we are happy to help. At Motion Recruiters, we don’t just take care of the admin and the financial aspects of recruiting, we can also take a piece of the social side as well.

Cost Reduction
Companies that use temp-to-hire workers do not incur benefit costs, holiday and vacation time costs, and sickness costs, during the temp-to-hire period. This option is great for short term employee as it doesn’t create any financial risk in the short term. This is an option most of our clients generally prefer to take when hiring a large quantity of seasonal candidates.

3.Direct Hire

When looking at the recruitment process in-depth the two most time consuming activities involve advertising and screen. Advertising is time consuming because you need to ensure that you are using the correct digital platform and advertising in the right place to get the right candidates. It greatly differs depending on the type of candidate you are looking for and this is where our years of experience becomes very helpful.

After we have pooled together and engaged with as many candidates as possible, we screen, interview and recommend only the best candidates who match your job specifications. We will never send anyone to you that is not the right fit.
Before you sit down with a candidate you can be certain and confident that we have done all the necessary checks. We will check references with multiple past employers. Motion Recruiters will find qualified candidates for those hard to fill positions where candidates are in short supply.

Many companies find that recruiting through Motion Recruiters is less expensive than finding the right candidate the traditional way. The cost of advertising can be eliminated, while other costs incurred in the recruiting process will be substantially reduced, in particular the labor cost. Our client have huge companies with a small but effective personnel team, because we do all the messy stuff. Motion Recruiters helps you to reduce the cost of acquiring productive employees. Providing quality candidates is what we do and our clients report, within a 3 to 6 month period they see a rapid increase in productivity as you can all your departments can focus on other stuff and leave the sourcing and the calling to us.

We are pleased to offer a guarantee on all of our Direct Hire Placements. If the Direct Hire leaves your employ during the guarantee period, we will replace the person, at no additional charge, so there is no risk to your company. As you can see, we are very confident about what we do.


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